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HOW: Host an Event or Drive! 
WHEN: Anytime! 
WHERE: New Jersey/New York City
IN SUMMARY: We are always looking for volunteers to help us engage the broader community to spread awareness about our G.E.M.S program and the challenges our teens deal with on a daily.

  • Host an event to raise money for G.E.M.S programs

  • Help our teens focus on becoming self-sufficient by taking some financial burdens off of their families plates by hosting a drive to collect school supplies, toiletries, women products, etc.  

If you're interested in hosting an event or drive for us please contact .

In-Kind Donations and Drives

Donations of goods and services are extremely valuable to G.E.M.'s programs. We are able to accept donations that benefit women between the ages of 11-17, at the request that the items being donated are new.

If you're interested in donating goods please contact us at, and a staff member will email you a list of donations being accepted! 

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